How much does it cost to employ an inhouse Legal Cashier? Most firms benchmark and budget based on an annual salary alone. But the true cost of employing a Legal Cashier inhouse is vastly more and can add a third to the cost of the annual salary.

According to the 2017 ILFM/Balance Salary Survey, the UK average salary for a sole legal cashier stood at £28,500.

But what other costs need to be considered when calculating the actual cost for employing an inhouse Legal Cashier?


Typically if recruiting via a recruitment agency a 15% fee will be charged of the annual salary of the Legal Cashier. Based on the UK average, this equates to £4,275. There will additionally be costs for induction, training and onboarding materials.

Salary costs

Based on the UK average salary, the monthly salary equates to £2,375, with 9.7% Employer National Insurance of £230.38 and Auto Enrolment contributions currently at 3% of £71.25. Typically, private medical insurance, group illness cover or health benefits and insurances are in the region of £125 per month. This totals £2,801.63 per month.

Licenses and Software

Typically, a Legal Cashier will require access to the Practice Management System starting at £57 for a single license, in addition to Office365 around £8 per month, a user license for HR software at £5 per month.


Employees amass numerous expenses per head including the cost of refreshments, training and CPD, compliance, staff events and professional subscriptions. This over the course of a year can easily reach £720 or £60 per month.

Refreshments – £10 per month/ £120 per year

Training/CPD – £250 per year

Subscriptions & memberships – £150 per year

Staff events – £200 Per year.



In terms of overheads, Instant Offices estimate the average desk per person to cost between £200 and £400 per month outside London, averaging £300 per month.

A 5% of salary cost apportionment should also be taken into account in terms of IT, HR or Supervisory support costs. Based on our UK average salary, this costs £118.75 per month.


Totalling up the monthly additional costs to the Legal Cashier salary of £2,375 (£28,500 a year), our monthly cost is £3,350.38 (£40,204.50 per year). That equates to an hourly rate of £22.09.

Is that Legal Cashier fully utilised during every hour of the working day? Or is there lost time that is being paid for and not used?

If outsourcing the Legal Cashiering function, it enables legal practices to only pay for time incurred and utilised in addition to having sickness cover and holiday cover. It also saves on additional employment, training and overhead costs.

At Bidwell Henderson we have a dedicated department who provide legal cashiering services specifically to law firms. We are offering a free, no obligation, comparison to see if our service could be more cost effective and beneficial to your business. If you would like to receive the free comparison please email