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Jane Pritchard – Operations Manager and Billing Manager

“Bidwell Henderson provide the perfect balance of expertise with a pragmatic practical outlook. They are incredibly helpful and I would recommend them as an asset for any legal practice. They bend over backwards to be supportive and provide a tailored service that’s bespoke. It’s a service other cost drafting firms will be envious of, but will find hard to replicate without Rebecca and Mark at the helm!”

Jane Pritchard – Operations Manager and Billing Manager TV Edwards Solicitorshttp://www.tvedwards.com/
Burke Niazi

“Bidwell Henderson are very quick, efficient and extremely accurate. They provide an excellent service and their staff are friendly and very knowledgeable.”

Burke NiaziSolicitors & Advocateshttp://www.burkeniazi.com/
Angela Gaff

“What I have so appreciated about working with Ann Henderson is that not only are bills prepared swiftly and efficiently, but that she makes herself available at short notice to deal with ongoing snags in the billing process, helping me find chapter and verse to quote back at the Legal Aid Agency, helping me to appeal LAA determinations. I often have smoke coming out of my ears on receiving a letter from the LAA, and Ann’s timely assistance, leading to a quick response, means that the process is made less stressful. She has also made valuable comments on how to make my file management the most cost effective. She also reminds me of time limits –matters which can get lost sight of. Billing a case requires a personal ongoing relationship – it is not just a question of sending off a file and getting a bill back. I have had other cost drafting experiences where I have not even been told who is preparing my bill and I have no personal contact with that person at all.”

Angela Gaff Covent Garden Family Law http://www.cgfamilylaw.co.uk/
Parm Bhambra - Partner

“We first met Rebecca in 2011 through the Norwich office of John Hayes. From the start she gave us confidence in her work and we built an excellent working relationship with her. When she moved to the London office we were more than happy to transfer our work and our working relationship continued.

We have always found Rebecca extremely helpful. For several years we knew that our costing was one issue we did not have to deal with when running a busy family department. When Rebecca announced that she was going travelling, our hearts sank. Thankfully she returned to the UK with news that she had set up her own company and we were more than happy to transfer our work to her.

We hope that we can continue to have an excellent working relationship for years to come.”

Parm Bhambra - Partner MLC Solicitors http://www.mlclaw.co.uk/
Naomi Ayodeji

“I have found Bidwell Henderson to be professional and efficient. Work is undertaken to an extremely high standard. Their wealth of knowledge of the Legal Aid Agency’s policies and practices is invaluable when it comes to submitting claims and high cost case plans.”

Naomi AyodejiBurke Niazi Solicitorshttp://www.burkeniazi.com/
Neil Bradley

“I have been assisted in costs matters by Rebecca Bidwell on a number of occasions and have always found the service second to none. She is knowledgeable, expeditious and extremely approachable; the perfect mix for the right result”

Neil BradleyMetcalfe David Eyres Solicitorshttp://www.metcalfedavideyres.co.uk/
Elizabeth Beckett - Consultant Solicitor Advocate

“I would like to highly recommend both Ann Henderson and Bidwell Henderson Costs Consultants Limited.

Having known Ann Henderson for twelve years and worked with her as a childcare/family solicitor and subsequently followed her with instructions to cost my cases as a costs draftsman, I know her work and that of her partners and have every trust in their knowledge and practice. Ann has considerable direct experience of legal aid and costs issues from the perspective of a fee earner in addition to her experience as a costs draftsman.

Ann has an exceptional knowledge of legal aid and the many ploys of the LAA. She combines this with an open and accessible personal service, frequently giving her time at very short notice to deal with urgent costing and high cost case difficulties. Ann relishes the opportunity to trouble shoot and problem solve effectively and is able to support solicitors by setting out how the LAA can be challenged where they are either wrong or taking an inconsistent approach to public funding claims. Ann is supremely organised and has assiduous attention to detail as well as a very good memory which is very reassuring in terms of the service she provides to support overburdened solicitors. This is especially helpful in relation to the complexities and time limits which apply to high cost cases and the drafting of case plans and claims in stages, providing timely reminders of key dates to solicitors.”

Elizabeth Beckett - Consultant Solicitor AdvocateEskinazi & Cohttp://www.eskinazi.co.uk/
Nathalie El-Korashy - Associate Solicitor

“Rebecca has been absolutely fantastic. Her services as a costs draftsperson are second to none. She goes out of her way for her clients in arranging collection of files from offices, bills are prepared expeditiously and professionally, questions are responded to promptly and additional information and guidance is always offered to Solicitors. Rebecca has sent regular updates on legal aid changes as soon as they are published as well as very helpful guides on high cost cases. Superb service. I would highly recommend her.”

Nathalie El-Korashy - Associate SolicitorQuality Solicitors Harris Watershttp://www.qualitysolicitors.com/harriswaters
Alpa Ghelani

Bidwell Henderson are my first choice when it comes to billing. They are highly knowledgeable efficient and always willing to give advice on the best way forward. Having known and worked with Ann when she was a solicitor I know that she has always been experienced with dealing with the Legal Aid Agency. Her knowledge of legal aid guidance is second to none and she is always my first port of call if I have a legal aid query. Ann has also prepared High Cost Case CLAIMs and Case Plans for me and this is an area she has particular expertise in. I have no hesitation in recommending Bidwell Henderson.

Alpa GhelaniBurke Niazi Solicitorshttp://www.burkeniazi.com/
Miss Lee Hawkins

I have found that Bidwell Henderson are efficient, expeditious and provide an excellent service. I have contacted Rebecca on a number of occasions regarding issues I have had and she has always been more than willing to help and advise. The whole team are extremely approachable and knowledgeable, and therefore come with high recommendations.

Miss Lee HawkinsCosts Manager, Sternberg Reed Solicitorshttp://www.sternberg-reed.co.uk/
Francesca Rigo

Rebecca has provided assistance in a number of High Cost Case Plans and I cannot fault her or her work. Rebecca is extremely approachable and friendly. She is very knowledgeable in the field of costs and ensures that everything is perfect before sending me any case plans and bills, her attention to detail is fantastic.  She is always willing to help with any queries, even when it is a matter she is not dealing with. I have found Rebecca makes herself available around the clock and makes you feel the at the centre of her focus. She is the perfect cocktail for a Costs Draftsperson!

Francesca RigoSternberg Reed Solicitorshttp://www.sternberg-reed.co.uk/
Michelle Miranda

I have worked closely with Rebecca Bidwell on numerous high cost cases and have found her to be the source of a wealth of knowledge, willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the case plan and claim are correct. The standard of work that Rebecca and her team provide is the highest quality of any of the external cost drafting firms that I have worked with to date, and her attention to detail and accuracy are second to none. This combined with her easy approach and friendly outlook ensure that the service provided is well rounded and with exceptional quality. It is a pleasure working with her

Michelle MirandaVHCC Co-ordinator for TV Edwards Solicitorshttp://www.tvedwards.com/
Shona Smalley

I have used Heather Shipley for some time now and her drafting of bills is impeccable, nothing is too much trouble and she is always on hand for queries and costs advice. Bills are drafted correctly and the files come back in exactly the same condition they leave me.  Bidwell Henderson turn the files round really quickly and everything is sorted for ease of assessment.   I am so pleased with the loyal and friendly service both Heather and Bidwell Henderson offer, if only all firms were this brilliant.

Shona SmalleyLaw Costs Draftsmanhttp://www.jacksonwest.co.uk/
Louise Allard

Bidwell Henderson and have been a breath of fresh air in their approach. Their attention to detail and specialist knowledge has shined through in all aspects of their work.  They could not have been more helpful in answering our many questions and we would not be where we are as a business today without their help.  We cannot recommend them highly enough for their services.

Louise AllardDirector and Solicitor at Allard Bailey Family Lawhttp://www.allardbailey.com
James Leo

Alex. Thank you so much for doing such a stellar job (on a Precedent H Costs Budget)

James LeoColey and Tilley Solicitorshttps://coleyandtilley.co.uk/index.php/our-team/james-leo/
Jessica Bromage-Hughes

The best part about working for Bidwell Henderson is the people. Everyone is very knowledgeable, but more importantly they are always willing to take time out of their day to share that knowledge and offer assistance.

Jessica Bromage-HughesConsultant Costs Draftsman for Bidwell HendersonClick here to view the profile for Jessica
Leanne Davies

Being part of the Bidwell Henderson team is an absolute honour. I don’t think there are many jobs out there where you could return to work after having a baby just three months prior. The support shown by the directors is amazing and really feel valued by them. I am able to work as much or as little as I like which really suits me and my new family. I am under no pressure from anyone other than myself and it is always nice receiving emails to check I am coping OK with my work load; it really makes the difference.

This is a job which traditionally uses so much paper to an extent I would feel guilty, but since moving to BHCC I don’t think I have used one packet yet! Everything is dealt with virtually which is absolutely brilliant when you consider the field of work. It has brought costs drafting out of the dark ages.

Before joining the team, I took it upon myself to directly approach other members of the team for their opinions and I received nothing but words of positivity so I am sure it is not just me that feels lucky to work for such supportive and flexible Company. Thank you for having me, Bidwell Henderson!

Leanne DaviesConsultant for Bidwell Henderson Costs Consultants LtdClick here to view the profile for Leanne
Eleanor Bryant

Bidwell Henderson is a visionary company which leads the way in terms of modern work ethics. Its approach to flexible working sets an outstanding example to other firms, allowing for a real work life balance, to the benefit of both consultants and the company’s clients. Support is always available and there is a strong sense of community between all consultants and directors. Bidwell Henderson is a unique enterprise with an unrivalled and growing reputation, providing valuable assistance to the Legal Aid sector in times of austerity.

Eleanor BryantConsultant Costs Draftsman for Bidwell HendersonClick here to view the profile for Eleanor
Heather Shipley

Working as a Consultant for BHCC is like a breath of fresh air; the Directors are approachable, supportive and encouraging. I am able to carve out a career which works around me, whilst also being given the opportunity to grow and develop my skills. Gone are the days of a traditional ‘9 to 5’, replaced with a flexible and enjoyable working life.

Heather ShipleyConsultant Costs Draftsman for Bidwell HendersonClick here to view the profile for Heather
Adrianne Burton

I am delighted to have found a career which provides the full flexibility I need. I work 100% from home with no targets or time restrictions. This suits my family situation perfectly and allows me the time I need to support my daughter whilst allowing me to utilise my professional legal skills

Adrianne BurtonConsultant Costs Draftsman for Bidwell HendersonClick here to view the profile for Adrianne
Mike Hopkinson

BHCC is like a family run business. They have won numerous awards. Having been here almost from the start I have seen it grow each day. I am proud to have been part of a team who genuinely care about their people and who are continually striving for better.

Mike HopkinsonOffice Manager for Bidwell HendersonClick here to view the profile for Mike
Jessica Perkins

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bidwell Henderson Cost Consultants Limited to provide photography services for the company.  I love working with Rebecca, Ann and Mark, along with the rest of their team.

It’s a privilege to see the staff grow within such a short amount of time.  I’m always pleasantly surprised when Rebecca contacts me to meet the new additions at their conferences in Chesterfield.  Photographing their head shots and events have also helped me expand my small business within the local area.

While working with other clients I often see Rebecca, Mark and Ann at events I photograph in the local community.  It’s lovely to run into familiar faces and collaborate with people we have in common.

As a commercial photographer it’s an honour to work for a company so organised, professional and dedicated to their employees, suppliers and clients.  I would recommend Bidwell Henderson Cost Consultants Limited to anyone and look forward to providing my services to them again in the near future as the company expands.

Jessica PerkinsCommercial Photographer for Bidwell HendersonClick here to view the website for Jessica
Katie Stewart

Looking for work whilst raising a young family can be quite daunting but, I was lucky enough to find Bidwell Henderson who understood my needs and wants as well as their own and, I now have the flexibility which enables me to enjoy both my work and family life.

Having been here for over a year I have had the delight in watching the company grow very quickly due to the dedication and enthusiasm of the directors.

They are more than happy to take on board your ideas, making you feel very much part of the team in helping to expand and progress the business and, are able to see your potential and help you develop and achieve personal goals.

Katie StewartConsultant Liaison Manager Click here to view Katieâs profile
Madeleine Binnie

As one of the first trainees to join BH, I really did not know what to expect. However, ever since joining the team it has been an absolute pleasure. From the first day, I felt included and valued as a member of the team, and the growth of the company has also helped me grow as an individual. As a recent graduate, working for such a great company with a great ethos has given me the confidence to put forward ideas and concepts to help contribute to the business and its growth, as well as helping me develop my business and interpersonal skills, allowing me to become a better Costs Draftsman.

Madeleine BinnieTrainee Law Costs DraftsmanClick here to view Maddieâs profile
Bethany Ellis

I have only been a part of the BHCC team for short while, however, I am lucky enough to have seen the company grow massively in this short time. From the first time I met with Rebecca, Mark and Ann, I knew there was something different about them. As Directors, they are very approachable, friendly, supportive and have taught me so much already. I feel incredibly lucky to be part of a team that encourages a real work life balance and offers the flexibility I need with having a young family – something I never thought I would find. I am looking forward to further developing my skills as a Trainee Costs Draftsman and I am very excited to see how BHCC continues to grow in the future.

Bethany EllisTrainee Law Costs DraftsmanClick here to view Bethâs profile
Kayleigh Topham

Bidwell Henderson are a very approachable and dynamic organisation, which has allowed Nottingham Trent University to develop a strong working partnership in developing placement and graduate opportunities. All students/alumni/staff who have engaged with Bidwell Henderson have always provided positive feedback. It is an absolute pleasure to work with Rebecca, Mark, Ann & Team and we look forward to building on the success we have had so far

Kayleigh Topham Business Adviser – Nottingham Business School and Nottingham Law SchoolClick here to view Kayleigh Topham