Mark Bidwell – Head of Inter Partes - Head of Inter Partes Team and Head of Finance

Name: Mark Bidwell

Location: Chesterfield

Qualifications: Costs Lawyer, LLB, LLM

Costs Drafting History: 12 years

I started my career in 2007 after joining a national costs firm as a trainee costs draftsman. As a costs draftsman I had a varied caseload including legal aid costs, high costs cases and inter partes costs. As my career progressed I became a deputy regional manager and began specialising publicly funded inter partes cases.

In 2012 I became the manager of a large team of costs lawyers and draftsmen in Amersham. I qualified as a costs lawyer in 2013 and was regularly conducting advocacy at the Senior Courts Costs Office.

I’m now the Director responsible for Bidwell Henderson’s inter partes team of Costs Lawyers and draftsmen.

Profile: I have two young children who keep me busy when I’m away from work.

I’m a big football fan and a long suffering supporter of Chesterfield F.C. I play six-a-side football with friends and enjoy going to the gym / keeping fit.

Claim to fame: In my teenage years I had a brief spell as an international athlete representing England at high jump.

Favourite film/TV genre: I prefer action films and thrillers. Although I’m not usually keen on the fantasy genre I am a big fan of the Game of Thrones series (who isn’t!).

Sara Taylor - Hammersmith & Fulham Law Centre

Danielle Conaghan - Edwards Duthie Solicitors

Abbie Huxley - Burke Niazi Solicitors

Their service is professional, efficient, accurate and they turn our files around quickly. The Admin, accounts and cost draftsman team are all friendly and knowledgeable.
I would not hesitate to recommend Bidwell Henderson to anyone in the legal profession, they have always gone the extra mile on all of our cases both standard and complex to help expedite our bill payment.

Heidi Murphy, KK Law

As one of our key strategic partners we have found Bidwell Henderson to be a very forward thinking and highly professional law costs drafting firm. They should be commended on their continual investment in staff training, quality controls and GDPR principles.

Specialising in billing through Tikit P4W they fit with our services portfolio perfectly. They consistently hit the mark first time – demonstrating the quality of their work and professionalism of their team, whilst more importantly improving client cashflow.

Gary Shaw, Accesspoint Legal

The Bidwell Henderson team are an absolute pleasure to deal with as they are all so helpful and accommodating and deliver client focused services to suit business needs.

In addition to providing an efficient, tailored and exceptionally pro-active service – they strike the perfect balance of friendly and professional.

Kelly Pashley-Handford, Spencers Solicitors