Claire Green – Consultant Costs Lawyer -

Name: Claire Green

Location: Edgworth, Bolton

Qualifications: Costs Lawyer, Accredited Mediator & Accredited Trainer

Costs Drafting History: 30 years

  • 1989 – A new beginning for Claire; previously trained as a nurse, undertook law degree during her first legally related job, branches into costs
  • 1996 – Independent costs draftsman and Associateship of the ALCD
  • 1997 – Fellow of the ALCD
  • Teaching qualification obtained
  • 2000 – Tutor/ Mentor to Students of ALCD, responsible for In-house training
  • 2001 – Member of the Education Sub Committee of ALCD
  • 2002- CGLS consultancies with city centre firms and locum services
  • 2003 – Fellow Member of the ALCD Council
  • 2007 – Costs Lawyer Advocacy qualification & Accredited Trainer
  • 2012 –Accredited mediator, pro-bono volunteer member for ACL  referrals
  • 2015 – Claire ACL Secretary
  • 2015 – Claire ACL Policy Officer
  • 2016 – ACL Chairman’s Cup (services to ACL)
  • 2019 – ACL Chairman’s Cup (services to ACL)

Area’s of operation:

  • Legal Project Management from the outset
  • Budgeting and costs Case Management
  • Negotiations with updates as required
  • Bill drafting (within statutory provisions)
  • Full bill services including Part 8s and formal service (able to go on record if required)
  • Points of reply and requests for provisional/detailed assessment hearings as necessary
  • Advocacy at detailed assessment hearing
  • Mediation at any stage (Facilitative and evaluative)
  • File valuations – professional and realistic
  • Negotiations (with updates as required) Part 8 acknowledgements
  • Points of Dispute prepared and negotiated upon
  • Advocacy
  • Statutory directions compliance
  • Appeals

Experience in:

  • Personal injury
  • Clinical negligence (including Court of Protection)
  • Multi party actions
  • Legal aid (including Children’s Act and criminal)
  • High Court chancery
  • Solicitor and own client
  • Supreme Court

Profile: Married to Ken. Home on the farm with Lando (dog), Kali (cat), Marley (horse), Toby & Flash (goats), and a few thousand bees!

We enjoy the ‘good life’! We like to grow own fruit & veg. We enjoy cooking and entertaining and visiting our daughter who lives on the Isle of Man where she is soon to be commissioned as a Manx Advocate, having been called to the bar in the UK in 2016.

Favourite TV genre: Period dramas

Claim to fame: Claire went to an all-girls convent school; their first intake of boys included Peter Kay and Claire was one of his class prefects. Peter was in the drama group, as indeed was Claire and we often joined the boys counterpart school in drama productions. One such production meant that I shared the stage with Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire).

She was always destined to rub shoulders with celebs! Whilst obtaining her teaching qualification, she tutored Amir Khan !

Sara Taylor - Hammersmith & Fulham Law Centre

Danielle Conaghan - Edwards Duthie Solicitors

Abbie Huxley - Burke Niazi Solicitors

Their service is professional, efficient, accurate and they turn our files around quickly. The Admin, accounts and cost draftsman team are all friendly and knowledgeable.
I would not hesitate to recommend Bidwell Henderson to anyone in the legal profession, they have always gone the extra mile on all of our cases both standard and complex to help expedite our bill payment.

Heidi Murphy, KK Law

As one of our key strategic partners we have found Bidwell Henderson to be a very forward thinking and highly professional law costs drafting firm. They should be commended on their continual investment in staff training, quality controls and GDPR principles.

Specialising in billing through Tikit P4W they fit with our services portfolio perfectly. They consistently hit the mark first time – demonstrating the quality of their work and professionalism of their team, whilst more importantly improving client cashflow.

Gary Shaw, Accesspoint Legal

The Bidwell Henderson team are an absolute pleasure to deal with as they are all so helpful and accommodating and deliver client focused services to suit business needs.

In addition to providing an efficient, tailored and exceptionally pro-active service – they strike the perfect balance of friendly and professional.

Kelly Pashley-Handford, Spencers Solicitors