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Name: Sarah Hill

Location: Head Office

Qualifications: GCSE and A Levels.

BHCC History: Sarah joined the Bidwell Henderson Team in September 2020.

At Bidwell Henderson Sarah will be working as a Business Administrative Apprentice, fulfilling roles such as file management, assigning files to Consultants and answering and transferring calls, helping run a busy office environment.

Profile: From as long as Sarah can remember she’s taken a great interest in Dance and Acting. Performing has always been a key hobby and passion of Sarah’s from a young age. She’s performed all over the country including stages in Tamworth, Leicester and London. At her dance school she also worked as a Dance teacher from 2016 to 2019, acting as a role model for differing age groups. From her performing arts journey she’s gained so many valuable skills and lifelong friends!

Sarah’s most recent employment was at Pavers, she’s worked as a customer advisor for nearly 2 years. She has loved working here due to the supportive, friendly staff and the differing daily experiences she would encounter. Pavers has provided her with lots of valuable skills such as providing exceptional customer service.

Favourite TV and Movie genre: Sarah absolutely loves comedy films. She also loves to watch series’ too.

Claim to Fame: Sarah has performed at the West end theatre in London in November 2017, a mesmerising experience she will forever treasure.

“We are really enjoying working with your firm and have found your staff to be excellent and very professional.”

Sara Taylor, Hammersmith & Fulham Law Centre

“…I have found them very knowledgeable and full of expertise In Legal Aid, Inter partes and High costs cases. They are always at the end of the phone or email if myself or anyone else in the firm have a billing enquiry and would highly recommend them to any legal firm.”

Danielle Conaghan, Edwards Duthie Solicitors

“Having instructed Bidwell Henderson since they formed in 2014, I can say with enormous confidence that their Costs Draftsmen are the most knowledgeable, efficient and friendly Costs Draftsmen I have had the pleasure of working with.”

Abbie Huxley, Burke Niazi Solicitors

“KK Law have used many cost draftsman firms within the last 10 years but have finally found the firm that is the right fit for us. Their service is professional, efficient, accurate and they turn our files around quickly. The Admin, accounts and cost draftsman team are all friendly and knowledgeable.

I would not hesitate to recommend Bidwell Henderson to anyone in the legal profession, they have always gone the extra mile on all of our cases both standard and complex to help expedite our bill payment.”

Heidi Murphy, KK Law

“I would have no hesitation in recommending their drafting and processing services. As one of our key strategic partners we have found Bidwell Henderson to be a very forward thinking and highly professional law costs drafting firm. They should be commended on their continual investment in staff training, quality controls and GDPR principles.

Specialising in billing through Tikit P4W they fit with our services portfolio perfectly. They consistently hit the mark first time – demonstrating the quality of their work and professionalism of their team, whilst more importantly improving client cashflow.”

Gary Shaw, Accesspoint Legal

“The Bidwell Henderson team are an absolute pleasure to deal with as they are all so helpful and accommodating and deliver client focused services to suit business needs. In addition to providing an efficient, tailored and exceptionally pro-active service – they strike the perfect balance of friendly and professional.

Kelly Pashley-Handford, Spencers Solicitors

“I have really appreciated working together on billing, I would be lost without Heather Shipley and the team at BH in the since the firm started!”

Amy Butler, Atkins & Palmer

“Your firm has been a great help to Birnbergs, your Costs Lawyers are thorough, professional and extremely knowledgeable.”

Olivia Goddard, Birnberg Peirce Ltd