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The LAA has rejected a claim because the advocates attendances forms have not been sealed by the court. There is a space on the form for the court to seal it but we didn't think this was required. Is there anything we can do about this?

As long as the judge has signed the forms and has individually initialled or sealed any bolt ons being claimed then that is sufficient, and therefore the form itself does not need to be sealed.

TIP: If the forms all pass that test then the claim should not have been rejected and we would recommend that it is challenged by emailing

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I represent a child in private family law proceedings. I need to register the case as high costs. Which scheme do I register under?

This case will fall under the traditional fully costed case plan model. You will need to notify the LAA that you wish to register the matter as high costs providing a summary of your costs to date. Upon registration you will have 4 weeks to submit your case plan to the LAA.

TIP: If the case has followed a similar fact finding and disposal procedure (akin to care / Section 31 proceedings) you may wish to consider seeking permission to opt in to the CCFS model.