One of the biggest developments in costs practice of 2018 was the implementation of the new electronic bill of costs or Precedent S.

Under CPR47.6 and paragraph 5.1 of Practice Direction 47, E-Bills must be prepared in all Part 7 multi-track cases in relation to work undertaken after 06 April 2018 unless fixed or scale costs apply, where the receiving party is unrepresented; or where the court has otherwise ordered.

This means that where cases cross the pre and post 06 April 2018 transition dates a combination of electronic and paper bills may be prepared. Paper or electronic for work done pre-06 April 2018 and a compliant Precedent S for all work undertaken after 06 April 2018.

The added detail of the electronic bill of costs will mean that claims for costs come under increasing scrutiny, meaning that they need to be fastidiously prepared in order to maximise profit costs recovery, essential to this preparation is accurate and comprehensive time recording on files.

At Bidwell Henderson our Inter-Partes Costs Lawyers and Costs Draftspeople have significant experience in dealing with the additionally complex preparation of the Electronic Bill.

Additionally for those law firms using adaptive Case Management Systems we are able to provide advice on how to set up time recording on case management systems to assist with the efficient and economical preparation of the electronic Bill of Costs as well as being able to advise and provide training fee earners as to the best approach to take to time recording to assist Costs professionals in the preparation of Bill of Costs.

Please contact us for a copy of our general overview eGuide on how to adapt your case management system for the new e-Bill or for more information on our charges and availability for in-house training.


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Robert Kerr, Inter Partes Team Leader and Costs Lawyer

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