All about Bidwell Henderson

Committed to great people, great training and great systems.


Why are we special?

We are committed to continually reinvesting in the business, the team and the quality of work we produce. How?


We have a 99.76% accuracy rate.

We invested in the creation and implementation of our own in-house training programme, we have a dedicated team of checkers, we have various quality control measures and in-house Q&A support.

We support and encourage our team to ask questions rather than make assumptions when drafting which can ultimately lead to rejections and hit cashflow.


We offer specialist teams preparing specialist work

We have a team of fifty four people and have dedicated sub teams who specialise in each type of law costs drafting ensuring they are up to date with any changes and can best advise clients.


We have a separate uploading and processing department

Utilising a dedicated uploading and processing team who do not draft allows us to feedback essential information to the drafting team and means we process cases through the court and CCMS quickly as we do it every day of the working week.