Preparing Very High Costs Cases and Case Plans

At Bidwell Henderson we have a strong sub team who undertake all aspects of high costs billing. We can prepare all types of plans including CCFS, Events, Two Counsel, Hourly Rates Case Plan, CLAIM1s, XML for bulk upload.

In addition to the above we can assist with registration emails to the LAA, quick costs comparisons between the schemes to advise you which option will be the most beneficial and CCMS uploads.

You will see from our testimonials page that we have extensive experience in high costs work and have carved out a reputation in this niche and difficult area of costs law.

Our sub team specialising in High Costs includes:

Rebecca Bidwell

Ann Henderson

Charlotte Foulston

Leanne Davies

Jessica Bromage-Hughes

Heather Shipley


If you have any questions about our High Costs service please contact Rebecca Bidwell at any time on 03333 441 654.

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